Congratulations fellows…all accepted for presentations on Othopedic Fellows day

University of Toronto   Division of Orthopaedic Surgery  2022 City-Wide Fellows Research Day


Falko Dahm

Surgeon’s progression of knowledge through 3D CT images in hip FAI – a survey-based study


Bandar Ahmed

“Proportionate Lengthening”–Developing a novel measurement of the acutely ruptured Achilles tendon

and a potential correlate of function


Evangelos Tourvas

Should anterior knee pain following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction affect graft choice, and

the influence of Covid- A qualitative analysis in recreational athletes


Fahad Al Hulaibi

Interobserver Reliability of Quantifying Laxity from Coronal Plane Knee Stress Radiographs Using

Described Methodologies


Todd Mason

Validity and Reliability of Bilateral Axial View Radiographs in Objectifying Posterior Cruciate Ligament


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