The Highest Value-Based Residency and Fellowship Education in Sports Medicine


Competency based training and bioskills

1. Rotations:

Residents are assigned to a junior and senior three month rotation, their primary attachment is UTOSM sports with base hospital fly in call.

The program has been developed to teach the defined body of knowledge in three month rotations at a junior and then senior level.

Reference materials are kept in a shared “Dropbox” folder. “Current concepts” are used as a basis for advanced teaching.

The residents know the requirements in advance. They are assessed at the end of the rotation with STACERS, MCQ, Sports specific OSCE, OSATS and a case presentation.

Teaching rounds 4 days per week:

  • Tuesday – Research Rounds, Cross City Sports Rounds, Primary Care Rounds
  • Wednesday – Physical Exam, Procedures
  • Thursday – OKU defined body of knowledge
  • Friday – Bioskills

IMG_66692. Bioskills:

We have a bioskills program in the Simlab at WCH as part of the curriculum. A multi- disciplinary dry lab has been set up at WCH with four stations for orthopedic sports procedures. This is incorporated into the resident teaching rounds. Our hip simulation laboratory is new and functional.

3. Cross City Rounds:

These rounds are combined with Primary Care on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

4. Interdisciplinary Exposure:

Sports residents receive exposure to the interdisciplinary nature of sports medicine as an integral part of their rotation:

  • Primary care sports clinic
  • Sports radiology clinic and lecture
  • Physiotherapy rotation
  • Attendance at sports events e.g. ballet class, U of T teams.

IMG_07685. OP Day:

  • This is the UTOSM part of the Division wide teaching on alternate Friday mornings
  • 5 sessions are given on Sports
  • The residents are pre-polled to determine which topics they feel are most useful
  • All OP Day sessions are assessed by surveymonkey

6. Bioskills City Wide:

    • A new sports program was set up for the cadaver teaching lab. Upper and lower extremity will be done over two days each on alternate years.
    • Upper extremity will be elbow and shoulder arthroscopy and soft tissue reconstruction.
    • Lower extremity will be ankle and knee arthroscopy and soft tissue reconstruction
    • A one day research project will be added using the cadavers from session. For example: accuracy of anchor placement in glenoid


  • Research orientation and teaching roles
  • Develop outcome measures for the assessment of competence, including validated simulation models

Cross City Sports Rounds Archive

UTOSM March 2023 ‘MPFL or Bust? Update on Management of Patellofemoral Instability’ Dr. Norah-Faye Matthies
UTOSM February 2023 ‘Spinal Pathologies in Athletes: A Primer for the Team Doc’ Dr. Jeremie Larouche
UTOSM January 2023 ‘Core Muscle Injuries’ Dr. James Villamere
UTOSM December 2022 ‘MR Imaging Assessment of the Elbow’ Dr. Ali Naraghi
UTOSM November 2022 ‘Wrist Pain in the Adolescent Athlete: A case-based discussion’ Dr. Andrea Chan
UTOSM October 2022 ‘Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) of the Knee: Management Dilemmas’ Dr. Tim Dwyer
UTOSM September 2022 ‘Tendon Transfers for Irreparable Posterior-Superior Rotator Cuff Tears: Is The Lower Trapezius Tendon Transfer The Magic Bullet?’ Dr. Ujash Sheth
UTOSM June 2022 ‘Innovations in ACL Surgery’ Dr. Jihad Abouali
UTOSM April 2022 ‘FAI Research: What We Found and What’s Next?’ Dr. Femi Ayeni
UTOSM March 2022 ‘Diagnosis and Management of Anterolateral Injuries of the Knee: Complex by Name and Complex by Nature’ Dr. Brian Devitt
UTOSM February 2022 ‘Bringing a Sport Medicine Perspective to Tibial Plateau Fractures’ Dr. Ryan Martin
UTOSM January 2022 ‘Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Failed Hip Arthroscopy’ Dr. Jas Chahal
UTOSM December 2021 ‘MR Imaging – Posteromedial and Posterolateral Corners of the Knee’ Dr. Lawrence White
UTOSM October 2021 ‘Advancing the Role of Hand & Wrist Arthroscopy’ Dr. Ryan Paul
UTOSM September 2021 ‘Imaging of Shoulder Instability’ Dr. Bob Bleakney
UTOSM May 2021 ‘Distal Biceps Tendon and Bicipital Aponeurosis Rupture:Imaging sparing Physical Exam, 2 Incision Primary Repair and Chronic Reconstruction Technique’ Dr. Amr Elmaraghy
UTOSM April 2021 ‘Novel Office-Based Ultrasound Procedures for Shoulder Conditions seen in MSK and Sports Clinics’ Dr. Harpreet Sangha
UTOSM March 2021 ‘Autologous Cartilage Implantation – The Future of Cartilage Repair?’ Dr. Marcel Betsch
UTOSM February 2021 ‘Joint Preservation of the Knee’ Dr. David Wasserstein
UTOSM January 2021 ‘Soccer Injuries:  From Pediatric to Senior Athletes’ Dr. Federico Yanez-Siller   Part 2 of video
UTOSM December 2020 ‘Elbow Arthroscopy Update’ Dr. Christian Veillette
UTOSM November 2020 ‘AC Joint Injuries: What We Know in 2020’ Dr. Ujash Sheth
UTOSM October 2020 ‘Sports Medicine – Carpal Injuries – Examination, Treatment & Return-to-Play’ Dr. Herb von Schroeder
UTOSM September 2020 ‘Massive Rotator Cuff Tears – State of the Art in 2020’ Dr. Patrick Henry

Primary Care Sports Rounds Archive

UTOSM March 2023 ‘The Future in 5000 Shades of Grey’ Dr. Andi Jones
UTOSM February 2023 ‘An Update on Diet and Exercise for Anti-aging’ Dr. David Lawrence
UTOSM January 2023 ‘Combat Sports and the Sports Medicine Physician’ Dr. Sumeet Gill
UTOSM November 2022 ‘Stretching the Truth: Myths and Science on the Health and Performance Effects of Flexibility and Stretching’ Dr. Doug Richards
UTOSM October 2022 ‘The new Tanenbaum Institute for Science in Sport’ Dr. Ira Jacobs
UTOSM September 2022 ‘Physical Activity and Mental Health: What We Know and Why It Matters’ Dr. Catherine Sabiston
UTOSM June 2022 ‘ACL Injury Prevention: What’s Being Done and is it Enough?’ Dr. Sheniz Eryuzlu
UTOSM May 2022 ‘Considerations for the Athlete with Diabetes’ Dr. Joo Hyung Yoon
UTOSM April 2022 ‘Injection Therapies – What’s the Best?’ Dr. Ryan Eardley
UTOSM March 2022 ‘An evidence-based, multifactorial assessment for running-related injuries’ Dr. Rosenblat
UTOSM February 22 ‘Ready or Not, Here Surgery Comes: An overview of PREhabilitation research and practice’ Dr. Danial Santa Mina
UTOSM November 21 ‘Inhalers: An Update’ Dr. Hemen Shukla
UTOSM October 21 ‘Accelerated Strength and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Programs Following ACL Injury and Reconstruction’ Dr. Timothy Burkhart
UTOSM September 21 ‘Exercise and Tendons’ Dr. Doug Richards
UTOSM June 2021 ‘Patellofemoral Pain Management in 2021’ Dr. Ahmed Aljefri
UTOSM May 2021 ‘Autonomic Dysreflexia and Boosting – Doping or Fair Play?’ Dr. Dmitri Krassioukov
UTOSM April 2021 ‘Early Sports Specialization’ Dr. Emily Fejtek
UTOSM March 2021 ‘Canadian High Performance Sport during the Pandemic’ Dr. Steven Dilkas
UTOSM February 2021 ‘Regulation and Safe Conduct of Sport during the COVID-19 Pandemic’ Dr. Daniel Warshafsky
UTOSM January 2021 ‘Professional Sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic’ Dr. David Lawrence and Dr. Ira Smith
UTOSM November 2020 ‘COVID-19 Infection and Return to Play: Implication for Student Athletes’ Dr. Paul Dorian
UTOSM October 2020 ‘Sports During the COVID-19 Pandemic – A Primer’ Dr. Doug Richards
UTOSM September 2020 ‘A Multi-Methodological Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Injuries’ Dr. Timothy Burkhart