The 2021 US News And World Report has ranked the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto as 4th in the world!

The University of Toronto Department of Surgery ranks in the top 5 two years in a row!

Why attend the University of Toronto for your orthopaedic residency or fellowship? Check out the following video from the University of Toronto Department of Surgery to find out

Dr. Tim Dwyer demonstrates a surgical technique for reconstruction of chronic patella tendon tears with tibialis posterior allograft

View the “Patella Tendon Reconstruction with Allograft” tutorial on VuMedi

Check out UTOSM Staff Dr. Danny Whelan’s podcast discussing “RCTs in Orthopaedics: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need To Go”

OE CONNECTS: Improvement in RCT Quality from 2001 to 2013 in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

Dr. Jim Niu and Dr. Alessandro Francella discuss ‘Sideline Emergencies’ at our fellows Team Physician rounds

A huge thank you to Dr. Niu and Dr. Francella for attending our monthly fellows rounds to discuss ‘Sideline Emergencies’ relating to team sports coverage.  These educational rounds are an integral component of our fellowship program!

Dr. Nauth awarded the B. Langer Surgeon Scientist Award

The B. Langer Surgeon Scientist Award is given to an outstanding graduate from the Department of Surgery, who shows the greatest promise for a career in academic surgery.

B. Langer Surgeon Scientist Award

Aaron Nauth

Aaron Nauth, an orthopaedic surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital is this year’s recipient of the award. Aaron received his medical degree at Queen’s University, completed his residency training in Toronto, and then pursued two fellowships: one at the University of British Columbia in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy and the other at the University of Toronto in Trauma and Upper Extremity. His research focuses on the basic science of trauma and fracture healing in conjunction with stem cell therapy. Since 2014, Aaron has captured 12 grants totalling well over $750,000 in research funding; he has been the PI or Co-Investigator on 10 of those grants.

Congratulations Dr. Nauth!