Dr Tim Dwyer…congratulations

… two impressive accomplishments by Tim dwyer this month… he has a first author paper in jbjs on surgical training, and is also the “author of the month” for the american journal of sports medicine… see below for the links….

Dr Charles Tator

Superb lecture on concussions….ppt available on website…go to Education:rounds…

Fellows Staff dinner rounds 20th August 2015

Great cases and excellent discussion. Thanks to Smith and Nephew for sponsorship.

Super Car Sunday with WCH foundation

Amazing day – super fun

Great Job by Tim Dwyer…and thanks to WCH foundation

We raised 30G for our research

sscSuperCar Sunday

2015 Fellows Awarded Certificates

Fellows for 2015 were awarded their certificates by the staff. They are on the way to bigger and better things to help the world!MVezGwjKefRtava6PzblHhpN2KfDCqj6crjMOO9Oe9A,mptTFpcilB22ZZqJgn2rb-HiI-2-FywpJrugLipR36I,THRBOjvIAln4smj9DTM8OwdeEWvpS1X0MOP5NRCdZrs